bridal hair you'll look back on and love, forever


Trust me when I say do yourself a favor, and have Brittany make all of your hair dreams come true!

-  Ashley Gooch

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you understand the impact this investment will have on your wedding day

you're ready to walk down the aisle with your dream bridal hair style

you're in love with my Hollywood glam / boho style

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This includes any style, fillers, accessory placement, veil placement and adding extensions if needed. This also includes open communication with me from inquiry to your wedding day.



Whether you want all the girls to have matching styles or each choose their favorite this also includes filler and clip in extensions.



Mother of the Bride and Mother of the groom can sometimes be hard because they haven't had their hair styled formally in a long time. I love to help them chose a style that will make them feel comfortable confident.



Having 3 girls myself I always love to style the flower girls. After assessing their hair I can help you choose a style best for them that will be cute but also last throughout the night.





add a second stylist

in a hurry?

Add on $150 for a second stylist if to speed up the timeline (can only be added if more then 7) plus travel





it's wedding day!

Fill out my inquiry form; be sure to give me allll  the details!

You'll receive an email back within 4 days with a quote.

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I'll reach out to you 6 months before your wedding to book your trial run

Here's where the magic happens! Say hello to your dreamiest bridal hair style!




is a deposit required?

Yes, I require a non-refundable $150 deposit to book your spot. 

Of course! I'm more than happy to travel up to an hour and a half from south Jersey. Travel expenses are calculated from Berlin NJ.

do you offer previews prior to my wedding day?

Absolutely! I encourage trial runs to make sure we find the perfect style for you!  The investment for one style at your trial is $200 and for two styles is $300.

You've got questions, I've got answers!

How long will each service take?

My timelines are made with 40 minutes per Bridesmaids/anyone else and 1 hour with the Bride. Always a extra 30 minutes added at the end for touchups

Do you bring an Assistant?

That depends on the number of girls and the end time, My assistant comes with me to about half my weddings.

What's the difference between an Assistant and a second stylist?

My assistant helps prep the hair and keep the morning running smoothly but I am the one who does the actual styling and finishes each girl. A second stylist is an associate that will do a certain number of girls herself and is also a bridal stylist.

Is travel added for your assistant or second stylist?

Travel is not added for my assistant but if you do choose to add a second stylist travel will be added for her.

Can I book a preview before I sign the contract?

Previews are strictly for booked Brides. 

Will you put my veil in?

If you are doing a first look and wearing your veil for that I will put it in and show someone how to take it out. If you are not wearing your veil for first look I will teach someone exactly how to put it in and how to secure it.

What is your minimum to book?

Bride + 6 or $1,160 required to book.

Can i book a preview on the weekends?

I don't offer previews on the weekends. Most of my weekends are spent at weddings.

MORE preview information:

I do all previews at my in home studio in Berlin NJ. All trials take place during during select weekday mornings 10-1. I have a booking platform that I will send to you 6 months before your wedding with my trial availability and you will be able to pick the best date and time that work best for you. 

How long will you hold my date for me?

Dates are never held, they are a first come first serve basis. Without a signed contact and deposit your date is still available.

Do I need extensions?

I believe if your wearing your hair down yes, you need extensions. Some people are blessed with a thick head of hair and do not need them but that is rare. If your wearing your hair up extensions are not always needed. Although I don't sell extensions, After you're officially booked I will send you a detailed email all about extensions. Which company, length, thickness, and color to order.

Do you work with more than one Bride in a day?

Absolutely not, Your wedding day I am only worried about you and your bridal party.






bridal hair you'll look back on and love, forever;